Monday, March 7, 2011

The Joys of our children

I know sometimes it is easy to get caught up in the craziness and problems that day to day life may bring, but let us not forget that sweet smile they can give. Along with all the stuff they don't tell you when you become a mother, they don't tell you just how you will feel the first time they smile. When they say mommy. Now that mine or older, I love to hear "mommy I love you." It is very easy to take those precious moments and move past because there are dishes to do, or laundry to fold. But just think of the inpack you will have on your child to stop for even a minute, look at them and take in that smile. They grow up to fast and in a blink of an eye they don't have time for you. But if we as moms can show our children to love, laugh and be there then when they do start to grow they will have that to grow with.

Being a mom is the hardest job out there. Yes we are to clean, feed them and keep them safe, but it is also up to us to teach them things so they can become good adults. I know dads help too, and I have a great husband that is very involved with our kids. However we as moms are there a good 80% more of the time, so that puts a lot of pressure on us.

It is true we always know how to fix the big problems, but as it was brought to my attention last week; thank you Amiee, we don't always know what to do with the little problem that still need answers. What am I talking about.... what if your little one hates veggies? Doesn't know how to tie their shoes? Still wets the bed? Wont eat dinner? Can't get into bed on time? You get where I am going. The little every day things that drives us crazy and we think "they are no big deal" can become a big deal over time and with many others put on top of them. Thats why we as moms need to talk to each other, because one of us may have a great solution the others hasn't thought of or tried yet. Take the ideas as ideas not as one saying you have failed. I know these topics can be easy to turn into finger pointing, but that is not what it is. So STOP being so hard on yourself and try your friends ideas... who knows they may work.

You are a good mom, you are a great mom, and an even better person for knowing when you need a little help!!!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

World of Motherhood

I hope all are well as this "illness" season has taken its toll on our family. I am happy to report that all are well in our house and I hope it stays that way. The weather changing is hard on us all, spring we are ready.

As mothers we don't get sick days, how nice it must be for those who say " I don't feel good I am going to lay down." When your a mom of any number of children that is not a line you get to say. No one tell you this as you embark on motherhood, or how about when they are sick and want you to hold them. But at the same time you need to do laundry, cook dinner and pick the other kids up from school. Most of us put the laundry off and order pizza, which in those moments is whats best for your child when they need you. What they don't tell you is after all that is done how tired and burnt out you are... then it must start over again tomorrow.

I love being a mom and would never trade any of those moments! Now that my kids are getting older it would have been nice to know these little secrets and to know that I am not alone in this. It sometimes seems to be taboo to say as a mom that it is hard. We moms are looked at as superwomen and miracle workers in a world that judges everything.

Let us stand together and support each other in this MOM world and know it is OK to have a day you wish would start over and that you are VERY normal for thinking that. Not to be judged!!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Set the tone....

No matter what we have to go through as moms, it makes it all worth it when they look at you and say " I love you mom!" We need to stay strong through the hard days, the days we want to go back to bed so we can have these days. The day they want to come and lay in your arms and cuddle. Snuggle up with a blanket and just be with you. When in the "hard " moment I know you can easily forget that smiling loving face that just hours ago was laughing with you, now they are fighting with each other and screaming. Take a breath, and calmly put them in time out! I know, trust me I have done it plenty, it is hard to be calm and just yell at the. But , by accident I want you to know I am not perfect and all knowing, I found that when you talk calm and in a low voice they stop and look at you as if they was not what they were working towards. It works, call me crazy but it works. The days I for get to do that I am so ready for bed time at 6pm, but when I stay calm to follow. They just want to please us, even thought it doesn't seem like it they do. Give it a try and see how it works. They may just get a new mommy!

I feel better now that I stay calm, remember happy mom happy home. So true. We set the tone for our house hold, so lets give them something to take into life with them.

Now in all honesty I have to give my husband credit for teaching me this. He is a calm person naturally and nothing ruffles his feathers, use to drive me crazy, but now I try to be more like it.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


As women, and now as moms, we do it more than ever. We let our self get pulled in so many different directions that we are not sure, are we coming or going?! Funny how we find it OK to use every last minute of our day for the kids, husband, or friends but we can't stop for 10 minutes to do something for YOU! The holiday season is coming very quick.... well it is here. I know fast, but our goal this season is to take some time for you/ me. Now I know this will be hard so we will start small, like once a week then every other day, then work up to every day. Even if it is 10 minutes you will see yourself in a new light. That you are you, and you do count!

You do count and you are not JUST their mom our his wife, you are a women that feels, loves and needs!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Your not alone!

When you get to that point in your life when you have a child no one tells you. How you will feel as a women. Why is that? We as women has built this new world on our female power but yet we keep the most important inside.
Once you become a mother it is a balance between being you and being a mom, wife, friend, daughter, employee. A balance that can easily shift from side to side. It doesn't have to be this way, we as women need to band together and talk , teach each other how to stay balance. I know how easy it is to be mom and wife all the time that you forget who you are. I have found myself saying " What do I like to do? What do I like to eat?"
When your kids are small, babies, you are so in a cycle that you can't see yourself slipping till they are older and can feed them self. It happens slowly a piece at a time. But if we stand together and help each other we can stay on level ground and not slip.
Now for this to happen we have to get out of our heads that it is a weak sign to ask for help. I know I am the worst when it comes to this, but why? Because some where down the road someone told us if you can't handle all of it you are weak and not a good mom/wife.